Lambda Phi Nu | Inspire the Leader Within
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Inspire the leader within

Do you care deeply about something – whether a cause, community, or calling?

Lambda Phi Nu helps aspiring leaders like you tap into your full potential through our Leadership Accelerator Program. This includes team challenges, one-on-one coaching, strengths assessments, and so much more. Join us if you’re ready to unleash your potential.

Welcome to Lambda Phi Nu, where we

“Grow forward, Give back”

Our core values

Our motto is “Grow Forward, Give Back”, and it resonates with every action our Partners set forth to do. The motto stems from our Founding Fathers’ history of personal and professional development and their usage of such experiences to create and foster an environment to benefit future business students. They chose to leave this legacy behind and now we dedicate ourselves to execute their vision. Lambda Phi Nu has since diversified our brotherhood, and we strive to cultivate future leaders in a wide variety of fields. Each member brings their unique talents and accomplishments to Lambda Phi Nu, but we truly impact the community on a grand scale when we unite as a brotherhood. We strive to make history. One goal, one step, one idea, at a time. At Lambda Phi Nu, we believe that through individual growth, one is able to give back and help the business community and society at large. Through our Leadership Accelerator Program and passion-filled environment, we aim to provide a transformative experience for students seeking mentorship and professional opportunities.


Our mission is to

“ignite leaders, illuminate communities, and inspire legacies”